Back to the Future : Pencils

CaptureIn the same vein as prior post. I think I will suggest this to some students, especially those that spend most of their time sneaking into Facebook.

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Back to the Future : Books


For anyone over 30 this will be nostalgic… I plan on showing it to a few classes to see what they think.

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Seen on a relievers roll…

“Only two turned up… they both worked well”

From a roll of 13 students Year 13. Must be the teachers fault the students are not learning huh…

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Spark the good and bad user experience


BAD: My son is in Melbourne on a prepaid Telecom (sorry Spark) phone. He had to take some important calls so pretty quickly all his credit was used up. Simple… just top it up. WRONG…  problem is the top up system had been down for 30 hours. WTF 30 hours! Phone, Internet, Coupon… nothing worked.

GOOD: Spark actually responded to a question posted on their Facebook as did one other non Spark person. Nothing on their web site, forget about a call center BUT Facebook worked fine… at least I knew they had a problem within 2 minutes.

Just as well their slogan is “Never stop starting” looks like they will be doing plenty of restarts.

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Jury service – is teaching a reason to be excused?


I have a Jury summons for 28 October, the penultimate week at school for the Seniors. I get the impression it would be a fairly simple process to be excused, or at the risk of inconveniencing other teachers, Juniors and possibly Seniors it may be viable to attend. I suspect that the decision is probably not mine to make and will go looking for advice next week. I wonder what the statistics show with regard to teachers being excused?

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Kids, Girls, Students, Ladies or Young ladies?

In these PC times…. What would you collectively call a group of female teenagers in a classroom?

Kids, Girls, Students, Ladies or Young ladies?

Does it depend on Year level (I think it does) At Year 9? At Year 13?

And I am sure there are some other names you might think of calling them at times … but that’s not what I am interested in.



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College Girls Football First 11 can only play 30 minutes each half!

CaptureIt seems the College boys Football First 11  teams (and no doubt other senior boys teams) play 45 minutes each way but the girls only play 30 minutes. Why? Even on a floodlit park?

There was probably some good reason 50 years ago but in 2014?  I would love to hear some theories that I can pass on to the girls.

FOOTNOTE: I coached a First 11 Junior team that lost after 30 minutes each way in a penalty shootout… which got me thinking as to why we only played 30 minutes each way.

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