Teaching inquiry – iTALC who?

Teachers are expected to continue learning and developing their craft.  One way of doing this is to undertake an ‘inquiry’ into any area of interest that is relevant to the profession. I have chosen to inquire into the use of iTALC or similar tools to improve learning and teaching, and likely, Internet safety for younger students.

iTALC (intelligently Teaching And Learning with Computer) is a free open source software for managing classroom computers in Linux and Windows, which is aimed at a school environment. iTALC enables teachers to remotely monitor and control students’ computers. This allows the teacher to perform demonstrations, to close windows and to shut down the computer.

School budgets are tight (more on that another day), hence open source products, if robust enough are excellent value. The jury is still out on iTALC stability and functionality but that will be part of my inquiry. My current thinking however is that you cannot implement computer based learning and teaching unless these tools are available….

If you have any views, feel free to contact me.

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3 Responses to Teaching inquiry – iTALC who?

  1. Paul Seiler says:

    Please let me know how it goes. Always keen to learn more about what works and suggest where news of it can be distributed widely.


  2. Please let me know how the iTALC program is going in your school. Very interested.


    • edwin bruce says:

      Effective but not hugely robust. As the day goes on, iTALC reliability deteriorates. It is not particularly granular insofar as services such as Internet cannot be disabled.

      Having said that it is an essential resource both to facilitate learning but also to act as a deterrent for unauthorised access to sites.


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