Teachers greatest resources

I was listening to a commercial radio broadcast (ZM morning crew )  a few days ago, the discussion was around valuable tools of the trade i.e. sissors for hair stylists, watches for pilots and  a pen for a doctors etc… It got me thinking about my tools of trade and what wider resources were available to me as a teacher.

I came up with this hybrid list….

Time, there is so little of it as a teacher. It is a resource you must manage carefully.
Energy, can easily run out. Again, a resource that must be managed carefully.
Internet, a boundless resource that if harvested correctly and can save time and energy.
Laptop with access to all school resources is a great resource. This saves time and energy, and you can work from home.
Datashow is a tool to create a show… sometimes that’s what is needed for learning to happen.
Students themselves are fantastic resources. Teachers cannot know everything and sometimes students can just explain things better.
Colleagues can also be a valuable resource ….providing there is mutual trust and a willingness to help.

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