School ball

With the recent adverse publicity about school balls I found myself volunteering to provide teacher supervision at the Wellington East Girls College Senior semi formal. If schools need an abject lesson in how to run a ball safely with all the kids having fun they should look no further.

1. Lots of teachers were present including three from the Senior Management Team. Remember they give up their own time for this.

2. Rules about arrival and departure, and no leaving the hall. Once in… you stay in.

3. Bag check-in, for ALL bags.

4. No alcohol or anything illegal. Zero tolerance. You cannot turn up with even a whiff of being intoxicated.

5. Have formal security. They check ID’s, ask questions and generally provide a safety net. And they know how to talk to the students…

The ball was organised by the students and approved by the school with strong supervision and management. Everyone had a great time.

Gee…. I wish some of the students would work as hard in class as they do creating costumes and having a good time.

Fantastic, well done the student organizers, well done teachers, well done the students who came.


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