RIP Josh Hinaki

It is always sad when someone very young dies. I taught Josh for Computing during my Teaching Experience placement at Saint Pats late 2010. I recall him as cheeky in a good way, confident, rugby focused and friendly. Not sure how I feel about his death, but it has been cause for reflection on the fragility of life. I guess, given the number of young people who teachers meet that inevitably you hear of tragic and untimely deaths… hopefully not too often.

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2 Responses to RIP Josh Hinaki

  1. Bindi Thomas says:

    Hi Edwin,

    I’m Josh’s aunty. I just came across this. Thanks for your nice words, it’s always comforting to hear what others have to say about someone much loved. Hope he didn’t give you too much grief with his cheekiness……we found the cheekiness endearing but I’m quite sure not so pleasant if you were a teacher…..Regards, Aunty Bindi.


    • edwin bruce says:

      Cheeky in a good way. Students can choose to make life hard or easy for trainee teachers. Josh made it easy for me. Cheekiness with humor and without malice is certainly endearing. I am sorry for your loss.


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