Access to source code from NZ Government portal

A while back I requested (via OIA) access to the government web portal

The reply is attached. It seems my students can access and reuse the code as required without any issues.

Reply to OIA from Edwin Bruce

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5 Responses to Access to source code from NZ Government portal

  1. Edwin Bruce says:

    And we can access the source code by just using View Source function in most browsers. That is good enough for me at present, however I want to use code from any government web site as appropriate.Will pursue when I get a chance.


  2. Gerard says:

    Does that mean that you can gain a copy of the content database as well?


    • edwin bruce says:

      I did not ask for content of database. In effect you can see this anyway by searching the site. I may at some stage be interested in the PHP and database schemas however not at this time. All I was interested in was the right for my students to legally use any HTML/CSS they viewed on the site.

      Disclaimer: I was the ‘owner’ of the project to develop and build 3 generations of


  3. Gerard says:

    are you going to post the initial letter?


  4. edwin bruce says:

    No. It was an email and was to a contact within DIA.


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