Cartoon - Ergonomics

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I am sure it is important to teach ergonomics to students, but frankly by the time they reach secondary school they have learned all the bad habits, have touch screens, IPhones and use laptops while lying on the couch.

As a subject it is generally BORING. So if you want to lighten up the lesson try the following:

1. Remove the chairs and get students to enter a page of text. They will soon get tired, have sore backs and appreciate the benefits of an ergonomic chair.

2. Take them outside in the sun and get them to read and send a few texts. They will then learn the benefits of anti glare technology.

3. Get them to walk up to the top field then back down again to the classroom. Leave all the windows shut and get them working. Too hot to work? Too stuffy to work?

4. Play YouTube videos of classical music, Beethoven perhaps, for 10 minutes at a reasonable volume while they are working. I am sure they will appreciate the benefits of a quiet workplace.

One thing is for sure they will remember this lesson. (Acknowledgement: Cris Roughton, Teacher who ran several of the above strategies with much fun and success.)

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