Do students read instructions? Ever?

I have found that students are not so great at reading instructions. In fact, several students missed out on a Merit achievement because they failed to read instructions fully.

I therefore devised the following exercise for two classes to complete (slightly different) as a means of creating understanding by studenst as to why instructions should be read properly.

Over two classes, six students out of 43 made a paper dart. Not conclusive, contrived, yes a trick, but it was helpful in reminding students to read the instructions regarding what is to be handed in – Fully, and Before handing in.

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3 Responses to Do students read instructions? Ever?

  1. edwin bruce says:

    and it was kind of fun for all concerned


  2. Patrick Bruce says:

    Ingenious. Students can be broadly classified as (a) general impressionists, e.g. students of history
    literature etc. and (b) particular as to detail, e.g. students of mathematics , physics etc.
    This is something that is inherited rather than taught.


    • edwin bruce says:

      Sure, but I am not convinced students regardless of a generalist or detail persuasion read instructions. I suspect we have conditioned students to read, think and process in a linear way.


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