Puzzling about thinking


A core competency required by students is thinking. For abstract thinking and problem solving good cognitive skills are required. I have presented a range of problems for students to solve such as this word problem……… What does it say?


Most students got it………answer below.

The following problem was much harder, written in SCRATCH. Out of  around 100 students only one could work it out. “What does this program output? (say)”


A little context…. students have used SCRATCH before and were studying Computing or Digital Technologies. It was hard (I think) because students did not have the skills  (or maybe the interest/motivation)  work out how to solve this problem. Perhaps the mental energy required to be expended was too hard (bit like Maths problems perhaps) ?

Teaching students the techniques required to solve problems will be challenging.

Answer to first puzzle HEAD in THE SAND. I leave readers to solve the second.

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