National standards published – initial reaction


My initial reaction to National Standards is one of concern, and a reminder that a little bit of information may be a bad thing. (It may also be a good thing as it does raise questions and debate.) I know a teacher in a Decile 3 school, largely comprising immigrants and Pacific island students. Consistent with averages reported, they have only around 50% of students at or above the standard. If I was a new immigrant parent  I would need to make  a choice: Do I send my child to a school that has low averages, but specialises in immigrant education, or to a school that has very high standards but little or no immigrants? The data provided is clearly not going to give me guidance in this regard. Marginal improvement data however may give me some insight…. but this needs a couple more years of data collection.

I look forward to the ongoing debate but I fear that good teachers will leave good schools for the wrong reasons and that differences in “scores” between schools will  be exacerbated.




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