Farmers Finance

I just received an unsolicited credit card from Farmers. For some reason this annoys me a great deal. I thought the days of sending out this rubbish stopped years ago.

I tried to ring them to ask what to do if I simply did not want it… apart from just destroying the card. More as an experiment actually. Usual voice service and no reply.

At least if you are going to have the audacity to send me this rubbish have a decent help desk. I will get the scissors.

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4 Responses to Farmers Finance

  1. Kate says:

    Hi Edwin, Kate from Farmers here. I came across this post as I searched social sites for Farmers mentions. Just want to clarify that Farmers no longer operates the Farmers Finance Card (we sold it to Fisher & Paykel Finance when the Norman family bought the retail side of the business in 2003). I’m not sure which number you called but you can contact them on 0800 10 11 70, or via their website. Of course, if there was anything that I can do, such as passing on a message please let me know!


    • edwin bruce says:

      Interesting. Correction made in post, however my comments still stand. And, I rang the number provided.

      I wonder where they got my contact details from?

      The credit card has the name Farmers prominent, the advertising states “shop at over 9,000 stores (and Farmers of course)” Hence the association with farmers retail is strongly implied!


  2. Kate says:

    I absolutely agree with you that it’s implied; you aren’t the first, nor the last to think it is our card 🙂 Thanks for amending the post, that wasn’t necessary, I’m was just extending an offer to help (along with some clarification). Do let me know if I can send anything on to the team at FPF on your behalf. Kate


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