Registering teachers of trades and languages

I hear on National Radio news that those responsible for thinking about Chartered Schools are looking at options to register teachers that have not done a recognised teachers training program. Teachers of trades and languages are possibilities it seems. It may be worthy of consideration however I will be interested in commentary on:

1. Will they need to comply with the 12 Registered Teachers Criteria, most of which have very little to do with skills.

2. Do they realise that for Achievement Standards there is as much theory as there is skills development, sometimes more!

I think there is an opportunity to included skilled trades people in the teaching process, but its a significant step to assume they can be teachers in the widest context i.e. motivation, leadership, assessment, behaviour management, commitment to Treaty etc. That’s not to say they cannot acquire these skills but I expect it will require training, time and money.

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1 Response to Registering teachers of trades and languages

  1. It would appear that we have plenty of registered language teachers looking for jobs. In some schools European languages are being phased out, in spite of the fact that NZ is a “bi-cultural” country, with one of these two cultures embedded in Europe. A majority of cultural traditions, such as philosophy, poetry, music, even science, are deeply rooted within France and Germany. If we want to celebrate culture, we need to keep it alive by teaching these languages to understand the music, the poetry, the philosophy! The teachers are available. Where are the jobs?


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