novopay and my OIA

I have some residual professional interest in Novopay, the Ministry of Education (MoE) payroll system. I also have an interest in the new payroll system as a teacher of Digital Technologies achievement standards. As such, I placed an Official Information Act (OIA) with MoE for a range of documents pertaining to risk assessment, governance and other aspects of the project. I am pleased to advise that MoE responded to this request in a timely and professional way and I will be able to harvest appropriate learning material for my classes next year. The only information withheld pertained to agency staff below the level of senior management. Fair enough, my interest is to extract information for teaching and I am less interested in the individuals involved.

Of course I placed this OIA a few weeks ago, since then WINZ have had their own challenges with IT systems in particular information privacy and security. I suspect the outcome of investigations into WINZ culture and practices will yield further classroom  examples related to managing information within organisations (Yes, there are Achievement Standards that cover information management in organisations.)

I guess it’s really good that I get access to relevant case studies, and maybe not so good that there are so many case studies….

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