Teaching a dog new tricks

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Not content with teaching students I have taken on the challenge of teaching a puppy how to be a good dog, how to socialise, contribute to society and generally earn a living as a reliable guard dog (well Chief Barking Officer). So which is harder; teenagers or puppies?

Hmmm, on reflection I have outsourced some of the training to a private puppy training charter school.

For the record: 12 months old, Angus, Cavoodle (allegedly)

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2 Responses to Teaching a dog new tricks

  1. Patrick Bruce says:

    I hope the little monster has been well trained by the time I get there at Christmas!


  2. Lloyd Jolly says:

    Hi Edwin. I’m somewhat concerned about the responsibilities you have burdened to your Cavoodle and hope that these social responsibilities etc don’t lead the dog on a path to drugs or even worse suicide that seems to become an ever increasing option for so many of today’s teenage youth. What I have found from experience with both puppies and teenagers they both respond well to lots of exercise and titbits/bribes of money or cheese in the pups case 🙂


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