Unsolicited phone calls from charities

We get a lot of unsolicited phone calls from charities. These are well organised and targeted at people who find it hard to refuse. ( I have nothing against charities – but I want to give on my terms not be harassed.)

You give once, and just like a feeding one sparrow pretty soon a whole flock of birds descend on you. Personally I find this annoying.

Someone in the house agreed to donate some $ to Parentline. That’s fine, I am sure they are a great charity. I have however written to the “campaign managers” and asked them;

  1. How much actually gets to Parent line.  An estimated % will suffice. Or if not % based what fee is taken for the campaign managers?
  2. Am I on a database, if so who manages it and who has access to it. It seems I get lots of unsolicited calls whenever I donate to one charity.
  3. Are you members of the Direct Marketing Association and if I complete the “Do not Call” request do you honor this?

I await their reply although I suspect I may not get one.

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