Conflict of Interest?

Not the full story by far but worth thinking about…

  1. NZQA in conjunction with industry, Universities, Teachers etc… create a standard that fits within NZ Curriculum
  2. The Teacher reads the standard.
  3. The Teacher interprets the standard.
  4. The Teacher creates an Internal assessment against the standard.
  5. The Teacher creates resources to teach the standard including a formative (practice) assessment.
  6. The Teacher teaches the standard…. but not just “teaching to the test”!                        Are you thinking Tui advert…Yeah Right
  7. The Teacher supervises the students doing the standard and gathers evidence of authenticity.
  8. The Teacher marks the formative and the summative (final) assessments.
  9. The Teacher allows for extensions, re-submissions, resits as appropriate and within school policies.
  10. Society values achievement by way of number of credits, Schools are valued (and rewarded) for number of credits (especially for bottom 20%), employers want to see credits, Universities want to see credits…
  11. And the school has moderation policies,  ERO moderates…. to make sure the overall system maintains integrity.

And this all means there is no conflict of interest?

I would love to see a formal systems thinking model of the above.


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