Is IITP relevant to secondary school teachers?

I am currently a member of the NZ Institute of IT Professionals (IITP) and am evaluating the benefits of continued membership. Some thoughts:

1. IITP fees while reasonable are expensive for teachers who are generally not well paid compared to IT professionals engaged . Teachers are also unlikely to have IITP fees paid by their employer or be able to claim fees as tax deductible.

2. The various professional development opportunities facilitated by IITP are either held during a school day or are not accessible for budgetary reasons. Schools have minimal Professional Development budgets.

3. There is no recognition by schools/Ministry of Education of IITP membership and what this means when recruiting teachers. The credentials schools look for are Teachers Registration and subject competency (a Computer Science degree helps here).

Given the above it is hardly surprising that there are not very many teachers that are full members of IITP  (Less than 10). I suspect this is probably because few teachers meet the requirements for IITP membership and /or see value for money.

As it turns out, the equivalent to IITP for teachers is the New Zealand Association for Computing, Digital and Information Technology Teachers (NZACDITT). This organisation is highly relevant, low cost ($50 per annum) and delivers professional development to teachers outside of school teaching days. (PD is generally low cost compared to corporate training and held in weekends or school holidays). The fee of $50 is also likely to be paid for by school budgets.

So, for teachers membership of IITP does not compare favorably with that of NZACDITT. Perhaps there is an opportunity for IITP and NZACDITT to work together to come up with a partner organisation/ associate membership model?

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