NZ desperate for IT graduates


Source: TV3

There is a challenge in many schools attracting students into Digital Technologies(DT) courses. Hopefully this news item will remind parents/students of the value of studying the new DT standards. Yes they re hard, no they are not easy credits, but most things of value require effort and perseverance.—report/tabid/309/articleID/305090/Default.aspx 


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One Response to NZ desperate for IT graduates

  1. Andrew says:

    Why would they bother. If they spent the same amount of time learning to be an electrician; plumber; accountant; lawyer or doctor – they would have industry/professional associations that looked after them. In IT you are at the mercy of the cheapest developer in the poorest part of the world.

    The issue should be – either remove the privileges and protections given other occupations; or grant them to IT. Not sure if students have figured this out, but if they have it would explain the disinterest in IT.


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