SMEG service sucks

download (1)I sent the following email to the NZ SMEG agents regarding a range hood failure…. so far no reply. I guess I was expecting too much for a service man to actually be able to do systematic and supported fault diagnostics! Is it the same for PC’s or Laptops?

I arranged for a Tharcold service person to come and look at the Smeg P580. Unfortunately he cannot determine if the fault is one of two circuit boards or the motor. The only way to find out is for me to buy the most likely board that has failed and if that does not work then I need to purchase the next most likely board and if that fails then get a new device (quoted at $799). By then I will have spent over $200 to determine it  cannot be fixed.

I am left with two questions… 
1.Is 5 years about the lifetime of a rangehood? If so, great I will just get another one.
2.Is it unreasonable to assume the service people cannot find faults or have some process to check an existing circuit board has failed? Seems like fault diagnostics is equipment/processes are not that great … trial and error. 
Comments welcome.
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