Gen Y Unmet expectations

This is very interesting.


“This generation has the highest likelihood of having unmet expectations with respect to their careers and the lowest levels of satisfaction with their careers at the stage they’re at.”

Source: Sean Lyons, co-editor of Managing theNew Workforce: International Perspectives on the Millennial Generation.



Take, for example, How I Met Your Mother. Seriously. The lives of the principal characters are meant to reflect those of the audience – the wider generation of aspirational first worlders struggling through the day-to-day grind. Just like us, they have relationship issues, drink with their friends and share inside jokes. They also whine about their professional lives and their lack of success, and that too is meant to foster a link. But it’s important to look at what they actually do. Barney, the token symbol for corporate success and casual misogyny, does something involving a suit and a huge pay check, although he never actually seems to work and has no specific skills. Robin is a TV news anchor, a job so rarefied and sought-after it might as well be the Holy Grail. Ted, at least for the first few seasons, is struggling to make it as an architect, but when that doesn’t work out he falls backward into the soft arms of academia, immediately landing a professorship at Columbia University – an Ivy League school. Marshal works a number of corporate law jobs, then, in the show’s final season and with the character in his early thirties, he’s offered a judgeship. His wife, Lily, while humbly struggling along as an elementary school teacher for most of the show’s duration, is eventually deus ex machinaed into working as an international art buyer for an eccentric millionaire. None of this represents reality.



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