Just read “A possible future?” by R Bolstad. This short article is written from the perspective of a 17 year old student in 2030 researching changes in education over the last 50 years. Through the eyes of the student we see elements of our current system contrasted with that of the future. Elements of the old system (with a tone of disbelief) include:

  • “some of the materials we looked at weren’t even published on the Internet”
  • Students “choose five or six subjects to study each year”. These 5-6 subjects were studied each day in different classrooms with up to 30 other students
  • “teachers only worked at school”, and “they(students) almost never learned from people outside their school”
  • Students copied down lots of information but “amazingly, hardly ever actually doing anything with the knowledge”
  • Some people felt they “learned stuff, because they had to”
  • In exams students “had to show they remembered all the things they’d learnt” and exam results determined if they went to University

Under the students 2030 learning regime they had:

  • Learning portfolios created at start of “secondary school”. These capturde evidence of managing working in teams, time management, communication skills, analytical skills etc…
  • Personal mentors help throughout secondary school with developing learning portfolios. They also help with behavioral or family issues.
  • Students don’t learn “discrete subjects” in each class, and while teachers still have specialized knowledge students work with different combinations of teachers at different times depending on what the student needs for a learning activity
  • Students have teachers outside of school.
  • Learners are involved in own assessment i.e. developing learning goals and evaluating if they have achieved them.
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One Response to Quaint

  1. edwin bruce says:

    I see this pattern of contrasts evident in business i.e. who would believe we used to share one telephone between 6 staff, there was no internet or even computers, there were typing pools and telephone operators, people filled in “timesheets”, woman had a day of for Christmas shopping, there was strict dress standard, people couldn’t work from home, people were paid in cash etc… In the modern office these would be unthinkable. Hmmm, quite a few of these still relate to the current school environment!


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