Academies and Lies The parents, the politician and the carpet bagger

I wrote to Rhonda Evans the producer of the above documentary – and asked her for a copy. The Parents, The Politician and the Carpetbagger follows parents and teachers from Downhills School as they try to stop Education secretary, Michael Gove, forcing their school to become part of the Harris academy chain. (Academy Schools = Charter Schools)

My reply…

Hi the DVD arrived safely.

As a relatively new teacher (career change from senior public servant) the most salient message to me was the loss of community spirit embodied in schools. I joined teaching to participate in school community life and in doing so add some education/experience value and make peoples lives a little better. 

I did not join teaching to be enmeshed in traditional corporate business activities. I concede that some schools are inefficient from a process perspective and that some teachers are not as effective as others. Academy schools may impact on the former and probably give the impression they and fixed the latter i.e. employ teachers that can teach effectively for “the test” hence give the appearance of being successful.

Students however will lose on both counts, learning and community integration.

Thanks for sending me the DVD, are you happy I show it to other teachers in my group?

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