Some exams are just memory tests

Several of my Year 11 students were writing model answers to English essay questions and recording these on their phones etc… as part of a rote learning exercise. They listen to the recording numerous times then just regurgitate in the NZQA exams. Apparently the questions are so predictable that this is an effective strategy for students that want high marks and have the nous and motivation to carry it out.

So, some exams are really just memory tests!

And if you want to pass Maths just go do the last few years NZQA exams, they more or less just change the numbers.

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2 Responses to Some exams are just memory tests

  1. Gerard says:

    Interesting, It seems that I have the almost opposite. I have students now doing their digital technologies work during their religious education lessons. I am using mysql/php and getting the students to create a database of pokemon generation one. Be it level 2 though. A number of students have BYOD access at school and we made the Digitech server available to them through this. The students enjoy the fact that they can now do their digital work in other subjects during downtime.


  2. Gerard says:

    So if they are just a memory test, why do some teachers want Computer Science as an exam rather than a report where they experience, describe, discuss and evaluate the principles being asked for? Which students tend to remember for much longer than a 3 hour exam.


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