Internet Savvy

A person who knows a lot about the internet and how it works and how to use the internet according to his need other than just surfing, downloading and sharing  Urban Dictionary

I think being Internet savvy also entails knowing instinctively what is safe, not safe and unknown. By way of a metaphor, would you let a five year old navigate Wellington streets as a jay walker. After all they can walk, see traffic, hear traffic etc… Of course not! They don’t have street savvy, something that you develop over time, a set of skills and instinct that means you can jay walk in relative safety… knowing what is safe, unsafe and unknown.

Likewise with the Internet.

Post “roast busters” fallout I suspect there will be an increased expectation that schools facilitate students Internet savvy skills and instincts. We have already started this discussion with our Year 9 students over the last 2-3 years – but only those that opt to take Digital Technologies.  I think this type of education is essential and potentially should be provided well before Year 9.

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