Venting a little more

As part of an NZQA moderation workshop, participants including myself marked a variety of Digital Technology standards from around the country. In several cases work that had been given Achieved/Merit/Excellence by some schools would have been FAILED in my own and other participants schools. Some work was so poor I would have failed it as a Year 9 assignment. The internal assessment  gap between schools is HUGE, and does not give me great confidence in the integrity of the system. I expect that for a teacher without content knowledge or expertise virtually anything could gain Achieved.

After all you don’t need a computing qualification or any experience to teach Digital Technologies do you?

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2 Responses to Venting a little more

  1. Gerard says:

    If there was a qualification needed to teach Digital Technologies what would it be? How many teachers do you think would there be teaching DT throughout New Zealand if there was one needed?


  2. Kim says:

    Schools do their students a disservice by not providing a decent education in regards to Digital Technology when almost every vocation they enter will require digital skills.
    If there are not enough teachers with the qualifications or knowledge and the training for those who want to teach the subject well is not there then someone needs to do something about it.


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