Venting a little

If you are doing Professional Development make sure that the person teaching you has requisite content knowledge, experience and ability to teach the content. At $300 per day (cheap by Corporate standards) I expected better when it came to participation in a course looking at Level 3 Digital Technology(DT) standards.

I taught Level 3 DT standards for the first time in 2013 and hoped to benchmark what I had taught with an “expert”. What a waste of time, I and everyone else on the course knew more than the so called “tutor”! They had never taught Level 2 or 3, treated adults like kids and did not understand the nuances of relational database design.

But worst of all… what was being taught in part conflicted with the requirements of the Achievement Standards. Unfortunately some teachers are going to be led astray over the next few months.

If nothing else, my experience confirms that teachers must have good  content knowledge and that pure facilitation skills are not enough – as some schools of though would have you believe.

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