GPS services


Having spent a week in Melbourne I have found GPS apps on my IPhone and Ipad mini invaluable. The first two apps loaded (courtesy of Mike Pearson) were Tram Tracker and Public Transport applications. Where do I want to go? and use my current location (accurate to a few meters) was all the input required. Need a chemist? just enter “chemist, St Kilda” and problem solved. 

Fantastic… I started playing with GPS coordinates in the SQL database students were building last year… with a view to displaying via a Google map on their web pages. I have the code and general process but we never got round to it. This will be a priority this year.


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3 Responses to GPS services

  1. Gerard says:

    sounds like an interesting project, which level are you aiming it for?


  2. edwin bruce says:

    Level 3, Year 13. AS related to database design


  3. Gerard says:

    I love the idea, this is what we need to start getting out there, If I see another dvd store database I just want to cry. I am looking at developments around the mashup that we had last year down in Christchurch for some ideas for my database/technology project


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