BYOD application challenges for schools

CaptureWith the school moving to Bring Your Own Devices, inevitably we will need to cater for a variety of different tools that students will use. This presents a challenge. Take Photoshop for example, the tool of choice for complex editing of images. Whilst this is available of school PC’s (usually in a lab environment) it is not available on student laptops without being purchased by the student(several hundred $).  Those students that opt for IPAD minis or Android devices will not be able to use Photoshop.

Alternatives include GIMP, Pixlr ( ) and several others. To meet our requirements however, the application must support layers, filtering and a range of advanced techniques for editing images. Fine, but the teacher cannot be an expert on all these packages, hence the argument for using one package initially (to teach process and concepts) until students learn enough to use similar features in a range of applications… using their own devices.

There are similar challenges for video editors, Python programming, HTML/CSS3 editing, MySQL, presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and file storage (cloud, school, local device etc). Not sure what the answers are but we will be starting to find out in the next year or two!

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