A dog gone story


On 23 January 2014 at 9:03am I lost my dog.  I stopped to go into a shop and  unbeknown to me Angus jumped out of the window, lead still attached in an attempt to find me. Witnesses told me he narrowly missed being hit by a car, got scared and ran away at high speed. I went after him but without luck. Further witnesses placed him at either Martin Lucky park or Lavaud Street. For the next 9 hours straight we searched without a break but no luck. We returned to the area several times till about 11 oclock  without success. Calls were made to City Council, SPCA and every vet in Wellington. Combined Cabs were also asked to look out…Several family members also searched the area. The picture above was included in a poster and pamphlet distributed in the area.

It seems dogs have an inbuilt GPS system, great sense of smell, fantastic hearing and within 5km have a mental map of area/space somewhat different to our own. Hopefully Angus with ZERO road sense and an innate fear of people would be able to find his way home. Hopefully the weather would be good – it was. Hopefully he would not be run over. Hopefully he would not eat the poison laid out for possums. Hopefully he was not injured already.

At 3:30am on 24 January he was not home… but this story does have a happy ending. At 4:30 he woke us up… I suspect he hid out for the day, and circa midnight made this way home, with no traffic or people in sight. It was only 4-5km but pretty incredible.


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