Great classes, shame about the size

downloadFine in theory but 29 students in a Level 3 Digital Technologies class is way too many, particularly with demanding content and exactly 29 computers (one is bound to break down). Those students that need extra help, or are talented will probably not have their learning needs fully met  i.e. there is less than 2 minutes per student per class, likely substantially less. Unless of course, they are all active independent learners which in many cases (as Universities will attest) is not the case.

I think  20 students should be the maximum at all year levels if effective personalised education is to be made feasible.


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2 Responses to Great classes, shame about the size

  1. Michael says:

    Agree, I have 33 in my level 1 science class, I am running extra lessons in lunch times to make up for it. I can’t get to each student every lesson.


  2. schuknight says:

    Agree with you in that and Michael, 33! That is mad!


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