Suspended – long enough?

CaptureI am a bit surprised the suspension was not longer, if not permanent. Whilst watching porn at work (NOT schools) may have been “condoned” 20 years ago (remember pin up calenders were seen in many offices 30 years ago) it is certainty not something one expects from employees today. Watching porn at school is indicative of someone who is a risk taker when it comes to sexual gratification – a sign surely that this person is potential risk in any school environment. I suspect the person was only suspended for three months because watching porn itself is not an offence, rather misuse of school resources and conduct unbecoming are things that a teacher can be censured for. Having said that, we don’t know the full facts are, but still seems a bit light to me.

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2 Responses to Suspended – long enough?

  1. I heartily agree with you views on pornography Edwin


  2. Michael says:

    The risk taking aspect of this case is a concern, how did he think this was in any way acceptable?


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