32% missed the Montage deadline


I am marking some Year 10 montage work that was expected to be completed by Friday 7 March. By completion I mean questions answered, printed out (there is a reason for this) and uploaded into students Google drives.

32% of students neither printed nor loaded their documents, hence could not be marked. Around 40% of the class managed to follow the instructions perfectly. 60% could not or did not! I suspect my instructions were too complex.

Looking deeper into the data I note that only 20% Maori students work was either printed out or uploaded. This represents 50% of the work not handed in. This is disturbing and clearly I am doing something wrong. Finding out what I am doing wrong and what to do about it is the next challenge. I will likely start by just asking the students concerned….

Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photomontage 


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2 Responses to 32% missed the Montage deadline

  1. Hi Edwin. Just wondering if the completion rates are similar to other “deadline” assignments they have been given? I hope you will let us know how you make out. Cheers.


  2. edwin bruce says:

    This is the first assignment so I can benchmark with next handin… this is also the first year I have had a Year 10 class…


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