Technology can drive you nuts

Over the past few days…

  • Windows 7 automatic updates have “disabled” my second HDMI monitor – no way can I get it to work again.
  • Android update… . on completion failed to restart. Battery removal required!
  • Wireless router at home fails – no reason. Just turn it off then on again… that fixes it.
  • Playstation does not work on one HDMI TV but fine on another.
  • Some MP4 files play on laptop but not TV… no idea why.
  • PC’s run slow for 15 minutes… Virus scans and updates.
  • Login to Applestore/School networks… Another set of passwords to forget.
  • Windows 7 automatic update corrupted one of the DLL files – lots of posts but no easy fix.

Getting tired of this S#^t


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