RTFM – if you want to get at least Achieved

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My Year 11 class started handing in an assessments (undertaken over 2-3 weeks). I did a quick review and discovered about 50% of them had completely missed one or two questions. After all, why actually read the entire assessment when the bulk of what is required is in the first couple of pages! For whatever reason this reminded me of the days of being a IT Help Desk manager and our favourite saying – ever so politely was RTFM. Feeling a similar assessment experience coming on for Year 13 students I gave them a short lesson on reading instructions and in a completely PC way introduced them to the term RTFM (without saying the F word ).

Some things never change.

And yes, I gave my Year 11 class a few extra minutes to complete the 1-2 questions (they were very simple questions).

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/icathing/7353059/ 

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