Much has been written about the merits (or not) of homework. Duncan Garner in a recent opinion peice http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/opinion/columnists/9958629/Garner-Teachers-pick-up-parents-slack makes the following quote…

One recent suggestion was that teachers make better use of social media to engage students, even using Snapchat to send reminders about homework.

Sorry? Since when was it a teacher’s job to ensure children do their homework – surely it is the parents’ role.

I agree. The overhead of managing homework is significant and takes away from valuable teaching and learning time. I seldom give homework and if I do it usually directly contributes to an assessment. For students that would benefit from some extra effort, my preferred option is to have them attend school for a day during the holidays. If they can make the effort, and meet me half way by turning up during the holidays then I will be prepared to help them with their learning.

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