Unconference – cost effective professional development


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I had the opportunity to attend and provide “light” facilitation to a Wellington unconference  for Digital Technology teachers. The conference was held at the beautiful St Orans college in lower Hutt. Attendees were mostly teachers although three students from Wellington East Girls College did participate and lead two sessions – they did brilliantly and were a credit to their school. Also in attendance was Ian Beardslee from Catalyst and Elf Eldridge from Victoria University.

Feedback from many professional conferences indicates the most valuable times are tea breaks and lunches when attendees have the opportunity to talk (networking is the word used by Corporates) . Think of an unconference as an all day morning tea, where the “agenda” is participant led and only decided on the day. A survey indicates that participants of the unconference found the experience productive and enjoyable. The costs to participants was $0 although if we intended to cover costs this would probably have been $10 per head. Cost effective professional development I think!

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One Response to Unconference – cost effective professional development

  1. Simon Ferrari says:

    Great to hear there are groups of Digital Tech teachers getting together, Edwin. I’ve just returned from my first ever unconference this weekend, as it happens. Although it was my company’s national “DevCamp”, a) I was very lucky to attend as the “Management Representative”, b) we talked a little on the topic of Digital Tech curriculum and c) I dropped your name as someone who a special guest we had (Tanya Gray from Gather Workshops) should hook-up with. I’ll introduce you via LinkedIn.

    P.S. Fully agree with your title of this post!


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