Junior Soccer Coaching and FB

Digital CameraI have agreed to coach a junior soccer team, or should I say football? I just sent team members  a survey about previous playing positions, parental help etc. and asked if they were setting up a Facebook page. Then it occurred to me that:

  1. They may not have home Internet access (can I assume Internet access yet?)
  2. They may not all be Age 13, so I can hardly condone “breaking the law” by using Facebook – although I suspect regardless of age they all have FB accounts
  3. They will probably set up a FB  page anyway, if they choose to.

Personally I have no real interest in the web presence as such, but I need a fast, reliable and easy way of contacting them all at once, and maybe their parents. Email might do, but I suspect they won’t be checking their email regularly. Text? I guess I will just need to discuss the options available with them. Perhaps just email parents and students and rely on someone posting an FB message. One thing is for sure, I won’t be using the same technique my coach did when I was a junior – ring a land line.


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