HTML5 quiz for Juniors


HTML5 and CSS lend themselves well to quiz questions. If structured properly they can demonstrate understanding rather than just memory. The test comprised of 25 questions most derived from w3cschools site, some from a colleague. some made up by me. Samples below if you are interested…

How do you add a background color for all <h1> elements?

  •  all.h1 {background-color:#FFFFFF;}
  •  h1.all {background-color:#FFFFFF;}
  •  h1 {background-color:#FFFFFF;}

Which CSS property controls the text size?

  •  font-style
  •  text-style
  •  font-size
  •  text-size

How do you display hyperlinks without an underline?

  •  a {underline:none;}
  •  a {text-decoration:none;}
  •  a {text-decoration:no-underline;}
  •  a {decoration:no-underline;}

How do you show a copyright symbol © on a web page?

  •  & copy
  •  Copy
  •  &copyright
  •  &copy

What’s the most important thing about a tag?

  •  That it is given a new line
  •  If it is opened it must be closed
  •  That it is indented

In relation to copyright, which statement is most true?

  •  If you want to use something then you can
  •  You should have permission to use other people’s work as well as acknowledge it
  •  As long as you acknowledge it, it’s fine to use it
  •  If you know the person, you can use their work
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