Formal request for access to student information – by student.


One of my students has requested information held about her by WEGC. She appears to be entitled to it although the initial response from the school was incomplete. A complete response  will likely include all administrative, pastoral, attendance and performance information. It should also include all emails within the KAMAR system pertaining to the student and arguably any mail within the WEGC domain. I am quite interested, as an IT professional, about the outcome of her request.  Who owns the information? Can a request be refused, especially once the student turns 18 which will be quite soon? What if some of the data is in older systems (pre KAMAR) and a burden to retrieve? I look forward to seeing what happens.

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1 Response to Formal request for access to student information – by student.

  1. The concepts of both age and ownership are pretty much irrelevant here. If the information at issue is about the student, then the information privacy principle 6 of the Privacy Act entitles them to ask for a copy of it. The request can only be refused if one of the withholding grounds in sections 27-29 of the Privacy Act applies. There’s more information here:

    This is regardless of the student’s age. And it is not a valid ground for refusal to state that the school owns the information, or that the student doesn’t! The school might also consider checking with the student about the scope of her request and how far back she wants the information to go.

    From the staff at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.


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