Front Line

frontlineWhen I was working in Government the distinction between front-line service delivery and back office support was often made.  Now that I am working on the “front line” some of the rituals within a school take on new meanings. Most mornings we have a briefing… not too dissimilar to that provided to Police in “Hill Street Blues’ i.e. whats going down today and what to focus on. Uniform and appearance protocols (rules), a bit like the army maybe? And quite topical given recent events related the length of a students hair. Nail polish is the issue in girls schools, not the length of hair. Teachers returning from engagement with the students (classes) disheveled and near collapse. (Not that students are considered the enemy!). Non contact time and even holidays can be thought of as time away from the front line, shore leave the Navy might call it. With one week to school holidays all I can say is, roll on shore leave.

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