Kubuntu – a leap into the unknown

kubuntuMy RAID array on a high-end HP Envy laptop failed. Once the problem was resolved thanks to the technical staff at WEGC I  had a choice of reloading Windows or trying Linux. I opted for Kubuntu. (I already have Apple, Android and Windows devices). On Monday I suspect I will have a few questions about Kubuntu…

1. Can I use rdp to access the school systems? (KRDC)
2. How do I get a USB flash drive to work? Kubuntu sees it at hardware level and auto mount seems to be enabled – but no obvious sign of how to use it.
3. Playing mp4 files. Dragon doesn’t….and I don’t know how to load codecs.
4. Loading software e.g. Chrome for Linux, VLC media player?  I also tried apt-get under sudo – no luck yet.

Bottom line: The learning curve is steep, what I could do in Windows I need to rediscover in Kubuntu. However, from what I have seen so far it will likely be worth the effort for both myself and probably my future students.

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