Parents stretching the truth about student absences

download (4)I have just spend 30 minutes entering absence information for Year 13 students stretching back as far as April. Why? Becuase students need a good attendance record to go to the school ball and to contribute to gaining a good testimonial. Hence students go through all the data regarding their absences (conveniently online) and conjure up an appropriate set of circumstances to explain their absences. Parents sign the letters/emails and, as if my magic, their records reflect favourable statistics. What a CROC! A few questions cross my mind:

1. Why do teachers waste valuable time having to do this administrative task?

2. Who really cares if a Year 13 student comes to school or not? (At Years 9/10 and 11 it matters) It’s way too late by Year 13 if they are wagging, and fine if they are making conscious decisions regarding where they place their time and energy ( I am pleased to say with respect to the latter, quite a few are that well organised).

3. Is there not a better way? Why can’t parents just enter the excuses directly into the system and cut out the middle person.

At least if they are 18 they can write their own legitimate excuses or terminological inexactitudes.……

BTW: These opinions are private views and do not reflect school policy


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