Please remove your f#%^ing items

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Overheard at New World self checkout

  1. Machine   “Please remove your items”
  2. Human       Desperately trying to place objects in plastic bag
  3. Machine   “Please remove your items”
  4. Human       Still trying
  5. Machine   “Please remove your items”
  6. Human     “F#$k up f$%^ing machine”

Can someone design a plastic bag that you can actually easily place your groceries in? Maybe even something that does not stress or irritate your customers. Good design is actually really important! Even my Year 10 students know this.

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One Response to Please remove your f#%^ing items

  1. Kate says:

    You can actually turn the self checkout voice prompt off. Not many folk know this. My daughter used to be a checkout chick while at uni and eluded me to this fact one day whilst we popped into the supermarket to purchase some items. She grew weary of watching her mum grow exasperated and irritated so turned the prompter off!


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