Ingress – taking over the world one portal at a time.

CaptureFollowing a visit to a friend of mine to discuss Name servers  (lets call him spidernz) I joined the “Enlightened” community on Ingress . Purely for research purposes of course. It seems like an interesting game that requires you to actually visit places in the real world – so it can’t be all bad. I will be asking students if they “play” this game as there seems to be a reasonable number of participants (millions). Check out the YouTube video if you want to know more.


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1 Response to Ingress – taking over the world one portal at a time.

  1. Cartoon Eyes and Secrets 💋 says:

    This game has become the bane of my existence. My husband has been playing secretly for 6 months. I thought he was having an affair or something. He has been zoned out, unresponsive, and hasn’t really been a part of the family. He just checked out. He spent more time running around playing and chatting than he did with his kids. The kids called it “daddy’s stupid map game” and at one point my eldest (9) said that, daddy didn’t care for them any more and probably wasn’t a part of the family. This game is, in my opinion, a nightmare. He drove everywhere, drained the bank account, so I had to open a separate one he couldn’t touch. He didn’t pay bills, so I started taking over finances. He doesn’t do anything at home because he isn’t home. Is it really worth it? I’d love to know what people say about that. As an educator myself, I’d advise my students to value technology free human interaction and real life face to face, meet someplace and have coffee or lunch, socialization over a social networking game. We no longer understand how to be around people because we live within a glowing box where we keep all our friends, fake realities and blogs that no one will ever read. 😉 again, just my opinion.


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