Sutton affair, seems things are not getting easier for potential female programmers

Andrea Vance has written a couple of excellent articles in the Sunday Star Times about the Roger Sutton affair.

What is so shocking about how this inquiry unfolded is that this is the third time in 12 months when nationwide victim blaming has occurred.

When I started work sexism was common place in the workforce, there were even pin up calenders in regional offices supplied by local businesses. Times have changed however, but apparently not for some.

Last week I spoke to Year 10 female students about effective communications – and gave them some ideas about what they may have to contend with in the business world – largely the “alpha male”. Seems I may have to warn them against “larrikin in a suit” behavior. It’s hard enough encouraging young female students to pursue careers in male dominated engineering and computer science disciplines without the added distraction of men (bosses and colleagues) that cannot act professionally. In a culture of “victim blaming” and within a male dominated profession they will require great courage to speak up about any untoward behavior. Talk about stacking the deck.

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