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windows_8_stock___ultrabooks_it__s_the_time_by_metroui-d4grsq6There is an excellent article regarding the use and abuse of teacher time in PPTA July 2014 publication. A key point from my perspective is “Teacher time is a limited resource” Source

I hear a lot about over worked and over stressed teachers, much comes with the relentless nature of the job, others from poor process, and in some schools managment. It is true that teaching can be hard work, and intence at times but compared to previous roles I have undertaken, and hours worked, I find the job of teaching both easier and more rewarding. I do however manage my time and have a few strategies in place, for example:

1. Pay for technical training (Professional Development) 1:1. Teaching computing means having to learn new technologies and techniqes constantly. e.g Mobile first for web development rather than computer screens. The fastest way to learn is just pay someone with the knowledge for 1:1 tuition over 3-4 hours. In doing so I typically save myself 20+ hours and at the same time learn “good practice”. If the school PD budget won’t pay then pay it yourself and avoid the initial overhead of learning something new.

2. Practice triage. In a large class (yes class size matters in my view) you may need to practice triage. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to teach all students to the extent required, especially if they don’t meet you half way. Sad but realistic unless you want to suffer burn out. Realise that you cannot “save” everyone. NOTE: This does not mean not trying, or giving up too early, but it does mean being realistic and giving other students a fair share of you limited time.

Other strategies that I am aware of (and don’t necessarily agree with) include: “Teaching to the test” especially at NCEA level. Don’t give feedback on anything that does not  relate to your assessments. e.g. poor spelling and grammar.

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  1. taskmaker says:

    “Teaching to the test” especially at NCEA level

    There’s a test, why did no one tell me


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