14 January is looming – D Day for some students



On 14 January NCEA results are posted. A nervous time for some students that need results to go their way; if they are to get into the University courses they aspire to. My Year 13 DT class, in a card they gave me at the end of 2013, apologized in advance for their poor results. They were submitting a portfolio related to Information Management. This was partly in jest although I had 8 students that chose to not submit a portfolio AFTER the last withdrawal date. This will show as Not Achieved (I assume) and reflect directly on my results. Several students made the point (correctly) that they already had their 14 credits. Poor planning by them and poor oversight by me – I should have positioned the year such that those clearly not doing the portfolio were withdrawn by the due date.  I note many students are optimistic about what they can achieve in the last 4 weeks of school so they may not have withdrawn anyway.

Hopefully the NZQA site stays online once results are released. Like my students I will be interested in seeing their results.

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1 Response to 14 January is looming – D Day for some students

  1. taskmaker says:

    don’t panic, they don’t get a N, they get a SNA, standard not attempted.


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