I expect better of business processes

mistake-bridge-construction1On 23 January I had a range of simple interactions with business systems that left me thinking that some businesses have not yet learned how to integrate processes and technology.

  1. VTNZ – they send you a letter to renew your licence, they have access to all your details BUT you still get handed a form to complete. I was feeling facetious so under “mail address” I put my email address…
  2. Online booking – www.veezi.com I paid 50c for a text message of my tickets. Great service if you have no printer and your phone email is playing up. The text message failed to show up, and despite some correspondence has yet to be explained.
  3. Dental surgery www.symesdesilva.co.nz/ . I have used the same dentist for years, but when they change computer systems I am expected to complete paper work. Does nobody do a data transfer between systems anymore? One amusing feature of the form was a request for an email address … they left room for about 10 characters of tiny print. Who on earth designed this!
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