More not less dedicated computer suites. Huh?

download (3)With the advent of BYOD I anticipated less rather than more dedicated computer suites. As it turns out this is not the case. Digital Technologies students often use specialized computer programs (XAMPP, PyScripter, Photoshop/GIMP etc…). Chromebooks and IPads simply don’t cut it. Graphics students need 3D modelling tools – again not available on Ipads and Chromebooks. Art students use Photshop and Indesign….

More recently it appears the senior Statistics students need Windows (or Linux machines ) every lesson  to use a specific program called iNZight . One teacher suggested that the NZQA standards were almost written with this program in mind, as such, students would be severely disadvantaged by not using the program.

End Result: Let’s not give up the computer suites too quickly.


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