Kiwi Foo 2015


I had the privilege of attending Kiwi Foo 2015 in the lovely Warkworth (Thanks Nat Torkington). Aspects reminded me of a Masters paper I did with Jane Gilbert in 2012 “Special Topic: The Future of Schools in Aotearoa-New Zealand” insofar as a 21st century learning environment may well resemble a continuous Foo camp experience. Specifically ;

  • the agenda was participant led, it was diverse, unpredictable and within a session changeable
  • new knowledge(and innovation) at an individual or collective level was created at the intersections of different knowledge bases and experiences
  • people participating not only had knowledge and experiences but they they were doing good things with the knowledge they had…  to paraphrase from my masters paper “its not about what you know, but what you do with what they know”

PS If you want your ideas about how we deliver education challenged read Jane Gibert’s book “Catching the Knowledge Wave


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